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Absolut Agatha

Vodka based cocktail that defines the word “fruity”, a mix of raspberry and passion fruit pulps, mixed with an orange liquor and topped up with ginger ale, all combined in a lovely mug with an amazing garnish, can’t miss this one in a nice Sunset.

Atlantic Garden

Gin based cocktail that combines fruity and floral flavours with the citrus of Tanqueray No10 gin and the balance of St. Germain liquor, citrics, fruits, flowers, what else could you ask in a refreshing drink.

Captain Naza

Rum based cocktail citrus and spiced, a great combination of Plantation 5yo Barbados rum and Golden Fallernum with our homemade ginger syrup and fresh lime combined in one of our top cocktails, tasty and refreshing.


Pink Port based cocktail extremely refreshing, with sliced cucumber and freshly squeezed lemon combined in a gin bowl glass topped up with ginger ale, a pinch of sugar syrup to balance the drink and there you go, drink in love