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Si Frater

Every night is party night

Atlantic Bar list / & Favourite Song
  • / How did you get into music?

    Started DJing at 16 in nightclubs coz it looked a cool job … & guess what .. IT IS !!!

  • / Who's your main inspiration and influence? And your favourite song or music genre?

    I don't really have a main inspiration that got me thru the early part of my career,, watched a couple of cool club DJs who at the time were personality DJs, , pinched a bit of everyone really 🙂

  • / What was the funniest/weirdest request you ever got @Atlantic?

    … Have you got any Pavarotti !!!

  • / What is the best thing you love about Atlantic?

    The music we have created for people either side of the live artists has worked really well, its all geared to there specific age, it just “ fits “ .. Its makes for a great atmosphere nightly with people just being comfortable in 1 place .. re living there youth to say ..

  • / What is your favourite drink?

    At the minute I'm into really good white wines, Cant beat a good chilled Sauvignon Blanc