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Luke Britton

We moved here after spending the past 7 years living in Dubai, where I performed in many bars and restaurants across the city.
Previous to this, I performed in Spain, Ireland and on a cruise ship. I now perform at Atlantic Bar four nights per week, covering music from a variety of genres, including swing, acoustic guitar and modern classic party tracks.

Atlantic Bar list / & Favourite Song
  • / How did you get into music?

    I have been involved in music since a very young age and come from a musical family. Once I had finished school, an opportunity arose to be the lead male singer on a cruise ship. I have been involved in music, professionally, ever since.

  • / Who's your main inspiration and influence? And your favourite song or music genre?

    I have such a varied taste in music, which often depends on what mood I am in, where I am and what I am doing. I absolutely love live music of any sort really! However, if I had to name one artist who I have admired for many years, it would have to be Robbie Williams. He's a legend!

  • / What was the funniest/weirdest request you ever got @Atlantic?

    The funniest request I have had this season so far is "Man's not hot" a shocking song!

  • / What is the best thing you love about Atlantic?

    The fun atmosphere, lively crowds and exceptionally welcoming team, has to be what I love the most about performing at Atlantic bar.

  • / What is your favourite drink?

    A refreshing pint of larger! However, when I am performing,I am partial to a brandy or two!