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Lorayne ´DIVA` Robinson
Disco , Pop , Soul

At 16 years old starting out as a dancer and touring Europe, Lorayne was asked, to add an a cappella song to the show she was in. Immediately after, she was invited to front line a couple local bands and has been non stop ever since.

Atlantic Bar list / & Favourite Song
  • / How did you get into music?

    I was a violinist, and dancer throughout my childhood, and taught myself to play cello, clarinet, guitar and keyboards. I was pushed into singing by a dance teacher then invited to join a few local bands.

  • / Who's your main inspiration and influence? And your favourite song or music genre?

    My main inspiration - ooh the list goes on. Gladys Knight is my no 1 influence vocally and Earth Wind & Fire, musically. Equally, I'm inspired daily by many vocalists of today, and even some unknown youtube-ers.

  • / What was the funniest/weirdest request you ever got @Atlantic?

    My weirdest request. More like request(s) – plural, ‘Can I put on ( ………????? ) As after watching me all night, some people still believe I’m the DJ. When I tell them I’m not, they still ask me what I do. I’ve been asked that so many times and I definitely don’t believe I won’t be asked again.

  • / What is the best thing you love about Atlantic?

    I love the the mix of customers. Some nights I’m singing UK pop anthems. Next, I’m singing a bit of Jazz and then I can be onto the 90’s club classics. Or, Motown, Disco. Even up to date Chart Tunes. The genre can evening change throughout the evening. It keeps me on my toes!

  • / What is your favourite drink?

    PORT preferably Tawny