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Leandro Russo

The Pianoman

Leandro started to play the piano at the age of six but only started to sing at the age of 24. Interaction and versatile set list are his weapons to get everybody going!

He is been part of the Atlantic team since 2012 and he is always up to a great night!

Atlantic Bar list / & Favourite Song
  • / How did you get into music?

    A friend of mine took me to the music school when I was 5 and I started to learn music even before I learned how to read.

  • / Who's your main inspiration and influence? And your favourite song or music genre?

    My main inspiration is my daughter and my biggest influence is Freddie Mercury, the Legend! Bohemian Rapsody will give me chills everytime I sing it!

  • / What was the funniest/weirdest request you ever got @Atlantic?

  • / What is the best thing you love about Atlantic?

    I love the atmosphere that we create together (entertainers and staff) and all the good friends i created throughout the years that always come to see me every time they are around! Priceless!

  • / What is your favourite drink?

    Port wine.

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